Types of Music Video!

The first thing I researched when looking into music video’s was the different ‘types’ of music video.

The first type of Music Video is ‘Illustrative.’ This type of music video tells a story and is usually performance based. They are stereo typically about love and romance and the lyrics are reflected throughout the story. A purely illustrative video will usually not include any lip syncing, however many do. the story featured also usually follows a certain film genre and includes the artist as [art of the narrative or watching the narrative unfold.

An example of an ‘Illustrative’ music video is the video to ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix:

This video is also conceptual as it is using the idea of magic which isn’t realistic, and performance based as they are lip syncing throughout it.


Reference:  https://www.slideshare.net/Jackolopolus/narrative-music-videos-37828577

The second type of music video is ‘Performance based.’

This type of video features the artist’s or artist singing their song during the video. They include close ups of the artist which advertises their talent. This kind of video is regularly used by those on a low budget and

An example of a ‘Performance Based’ music video is ‘Sleeping with the Light On’ by Busted:

The third and final type of music video is ‘Conceptual.’

This type of music video usually doesn’t have anything to do with the lyrics of the song and are usually very abstract and far fetched.

An example of this type of music video is ‘Technologic’ by Daft Punk.


At the moment the type of music video I am most interested is Conceptual. I like the idea of the narrative being different to the lyrics of the song however I may incorporate some Illustrative into it to.



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